Farm Guidelines

Liberty Blueberry Farms is a working, family owned u-pick blueberry farm.  Guests should prepare for a fun and safe day outside on the farm.  We encourage guests to wear closed-toe shoes or boots and plan for the likelihood of sunny, hot, and humid summer days.  Please read through the guidelines below before coming so you know what to expect.  The earlier you arrive, the more we think you’ll enjoy your experience.

On our farm you may find:
Poison Ivy
Uneven Ground with Holes
Branches Down in Walkways
Pond/Bodies of Water


Please be aware of your surroundings as there is uneven ground and small holes occasionally from wildlife and work being done on the farm.

  • Footwear – Closed-toe shoes and boots are encouraged. Grass rows can be wet from rain or dew.  You are discouraged from wearing anything you don’t want to get a little dirty.
  • Terrain – Expect sloping hills, uneven surfaces, and transitions to different surface types such as gravel, grass, and concrete.
  • No thorns – Blueberry plants do not have thorns. At times, some weed varieties might present thorns.  If you encounter thorns, please alert our staff and we will remove those undesired weeds.  However, you should plan to enjoy a thorn-free picking day.
  • Sun protection – The blueberries are on a south-facing hillside that receives direct sunlight. We encourage sunscreen, hats, and other sun protection measures.  We do not offer sunscreen at the farm.
  • Bug Spray - Although we haven't had many issues with ticks, chiggers or mosquitos bothering guests occasionally you may come across them.  We encourage bug spray and proper clothing.  We do not offer bug spray at the farm. 
  • No Pets – We love pets but they are not allowed on the farm for safety reasons.  Service animals are always welcome.
  • Special Needs – If you have unique needs, please alert our staff and we will make every effort to make your visit to the farm as enjoyable as possible.
  • Children Must Be Monitored At All Times – We love having your entire family out at the farm but it is our absolute priority to keep everyone safe.  Your children must be supervised at all times by an adult while visiting. We are not responsible for watching your children.
  • Stay In Areas That Are Safe - All guests must stay in the designated picking and public gathering areas at all times.  No wandering into residential living areas, sheds, barns or back areas that are not designated for picking. 
  • Bringing Outside Food And Drinks - At this time we do allow families to bring sack lunches and non-alcoholic drinks with them to the farm.  You are responsible for cleaning up your own trash.  No food or drinks are allowed in the blueberry rows.  We have designated picnic tables and open shady grass areas you may use.  We also offer cold drinks and frozen treats in the farm market for your enjoyment.  No glass containers are allowed on the property. 
  • No Smoking - There is absolutely no smoking of any kind allowed on the property.  This includes cigarettes and vaping.  If you are found smoking you will be asked to leave immediately and not allowed to return.  We really appreciate guests following this rule as it keeps the farm safe and allows guests a pleasant experience.
  • No Trash Left Behind - Please do not leave trash of any kind in the blueberry rows or public gathering areas.  We provide trash cans for your use.  We must keep all trash off the grounds for mowing.  Help us keep the farm looking nice for everyone. 
  • Under Missouri State Law There Is No Liability for injury or death of a participant in a registered agritourism activity.  You are assuming the risk and responsibility of participating in all activities on the farm.