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You-pick blueberries and blackberries in Farmington, Missouri.

The 2015 Blueberry Season is closed!

2015 Blueberry Season last day: Friday, July 3.

Thank you to all who came to our farm this season! We had 19 days of picking beautiful berries!

NO 2015 blackberry season and we apologize but the cold winters have been hard on the plants. We are hopeful for 2016

It is always our intention to inform our customers; you are informed as we know. If we have berries, we want pickers. We always update ONCE we have new information.

Blueberries are healthy! Did you know:


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Interested in doing more with your picked blueberries? Learn how to preserve them by canning. Like jam? Learn how to make blueberry jam.

More information at pickyourown.org.


Our 2015 Blueberry season is closed!